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Gypsy Wylde is a wife and husband team that works mainly in kiln fired white stoneware, but as opportunity presents itself we may offer other quality energy working or dowsing items.

The Kiln Fired Clay pieces have the unique ability to transmute lower vibrational frequencies to a higher vibrational level as well as amplify higher vibrational frequencies.These pieces do not require manual clearing or charging. This unique quality makes our Energy Working tools superior for Experienced Energy Workers and Novices alike. They are versatile, powerhouse pieces to add to your tool kit.  

We are a small, family run business that focuses is on providing you with beautiful yet functional Energy Working pieces and Ritual Tools. We research, study, design, create and hone our products until only the finest finished product is put in your hands. Our Energy working tools include Healing Pendulums and Pendulum Sets, Crystal Grids, Amplifying Pyramids, Meditation /Shamanic Rattles, Hollow Core Wands and Tools for the Reiki Practitioner and Energy Worker as well as the Home Healer/Practitioner.  Usability and aesthetic beauty as well as sustainability are paramount in our creations.

We are so very grateful to be living our dream, helping you on your journey and doing what we love. That gratitude is reflected in each and every piece. 
Positive Reiki energy and and good intent are the basis for all our creations. Each lovingly hand crafted piece is birthed from this place and bathed in it while it takes it's final form.

Please come in and look around, make yourself at home. We work daily to create new poweful, interesting and unique pieces and strive to add new listings regularly so check back often.

Looking for something you don't see? Please drop me a line and we will try to work with you to create something uniquely yours. 

Peace, Love and Light to you and yours,

Kim and Charles
Gypsy Wylde -The Art of Energy


Healing Pendulums

"The I Can't Decide Egyptian" Set- Natural


"The Egyptian" -Blue



The Four Elements Goddess Healing Pendulum Set



Osiris White Healing Pendulum

Osiris Pendulum

Crystal Grids

Flower of Life Crystal Grid- Green



Metatron's Cube Crystal Grid- Natural



Flower of Life With Moon Phases




Meditation/Shamanic Rattles





Hollow Core Wands

Under the Sea Hollow Core Pocket Wand


Green Pentagram Hollow Core Wand


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